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Our training sessions take place most weekday evenings and the occasional weekend run. Each session is led by our qualified England Athletics Run Coaches and Run Leaders.


Sessions are currently for members only and can be booked via the spreadsheet link on the private Facebook group.


We have winter and summer training plans with sessions appropriate to the conditions and venues available to us. We have a creative team that keep winter training interesting and safe! These vary from social/recovery runs to more dynamic interval sessions and hill training. We aim to cater for a broad range of paces with most sessions open to all abilities.


Sessions are suitable for ages 12 plus. Under 16s should always be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Throughout the year we run various challenges and time trials for 1mile, 3k, 5k and 8k. These can be a great way to measure your progress and development. Occasionally we host short development programs (6 to 8 weeks) targeted at improving performance in these distances.


On the last Thursday of each month we have a track session at K2 leisure centre. These sessions are open to all abilities and make the most of the track environment with high intensity interval training. This is a popular event and usually well attended.

Weekends social runs

From time to time, we also meet at the weekends for a relaxed social runs or long runs. These are often arranged on the Facebook page or chat groups. 


Be safe and be seen when you are out on the roads with us. During winter training it is compulsory on most runs to wear a torch and, preferably, bright clothing (see our amazing high-viz kit) . Please follow the instructions and advice of Run Coaches and Leaders at all times. Failure to follow instructions will result in you being asked to leave the session. The safety of all those involved is paramount to us. It is your responsibility to inform the instructor prior to starting the class of any illness, injuries or pregnancy.

New to running?

If you are a non-member, new to running and interested in joining one of our sessions, contact us today and we will be able to advise you further and provide more information.

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